A few months ago I watched a documentary on Netflix on Minimalism. This introduced me to the Minimalists. At first, minimalism didn’t really resonate with me. I thought I should get rid of some stuff and that I should think more before I make a purchase, but that was pretty much it.

Later on I taught a lesson on consumerism (I’m an English teacher) and decided to play the intro of the documentary in class to spark some debate. I then ended up watching the rest of it again and something clicked. I’d been feeling down and a bit lost. I didn’t really know what to do with myself. Rewatching the documentary made me wonder why these people looked so damn happy.

So, I looked the Minimalists up, as well as others, and am now reading one of their books (Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life) and, even though I don’t really like the way they express themselves in the book – sounds a bit forceful – but they make a lot of good points. I decided to try it out.

Now, I’m not going to say that I’ve become a minimalist, or that I’m on my minimalist journey, but it definitely was an eye opener to how I was living me life. It made me change the way things were going.

The first thing I set out to do was to get rid of most of my stuff, or at least anything that didn’t add value to my life. I’ve started with my books and am still organizing things (a week later)! I’ve written a list of all the books I want to get rid of and have given it to all my friends, family members and acquaintances to see if they want them. At the end of May I’ll donate the remaining books at my mom’s friend’s secondhand bookshop.

I’ve also bet myself that I couldn’t go a week without chocolate, biscuits or sweets. It’s day 6 and I’m still going strong. That’s a big victory for me, as I was eating them nonstop, and it’s given me confidence.

“I can tackle anything I put my mind to.”

I’ve also started exercising in the morning, and in a way that I enjoy. It doesn’t feel like work at all. I feel more energectic and this has in turn given me the confidence to dig out my coloured pencils out of the cupboard of old art materials and sketchbooks that I never open and try them out. Here’s the result:


It isn’t much but it’s something.

And I actually had fun!

I’ve been making small changes and they’ve really helped with my self-esteem. Change isn’t easy but it works wonders.

When you feel down in the dumps, how do you crawl back out into the sunshine? It’s only by taking action that we can better ourselves.

Don’t be scared, take that jump.

The Sardine

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