Pour some sugar on me


So, if you’ve read the previous post (I’m assuming that someone is reading this although, how could they? I don’t really follow anyone or post comments… might not have thought this through) I’ve bet myself that I couldn’t go a week without chocolate, biscuits or sweets.

The thing is, when I made the bet I didn’t quite realise how addictive sugar really is.

I mean, of course, I’d heard a lot of people saying that sugar might be more addictive than cocaine, but I had never believed it until the second day of my (not completely) sugarless week.

On the first day I was completely fine, I was determined, nothing could stop me. On the second day, which ended up being one of the busiest days of my week workwise, I crashed.

I had zero energy. I couldn’t focus. It wasn’t a great day.

I resisted all the temptations and kept going as usual. I didn’t grab a treat from the wide selection of colourfully wrapped chocolate bars sitting pretty on the petrol station’s café that I drive through every Tuesday and Thursday. I refused the chocolate biscuits being offered by my coworker during tea time. I didn’t sit comfortably on the couch in the evening, wrapped in a blanket, ice cream in one hand, TV remote in the other.

I ate fruit instead and spent the evening organising the books that I want to get rid of.

By the 4th day I was quite proud of myself. I was dealing with all my cravings rather well. That is until my mom looked at the huge pot of tzatziki she’d bought a few days before and noticed that it was half empty.

“Did you eat all of this in just two days?!”

I’d just replaced one vice for another. After that I paid a bit more attention to what I was doing and think that I’ve been more balanced.

It isn’t as easy as people think, especially when you’re surrounded by temptation! But I’ve been strong and was able to win the bet against myself! I’m not going to say that I feel a lot healthier, because I haven’t noticed much of a difference, but I definitely find it easier to stop myself from being a glutton.

I don’t know how vegans do it.

Here’s a drawing of a Japanese camellia, or tsubaki, that I’ve made the other day.


The Sardine


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