Any colour you like


The more I throw away, the better I feel.

However, I’ve found that finding a new home for my things feels more rewarding than throwing them in the bin. Of course, not everything can be given or donated, some things do belong in the trash, but if you can make people happy with the stuff you don’t need, that’s a victory in itself isn’t it? After all, someone’s “trash” can add value to someone else’s life.

Yet, with all this decluttering we tend to forget that that isn’t what’s going to solve our problems. Having a less cluttered house will definitely help with getting you more time and reducing stress, but if you don’t do anything with that extra time then you’ll still feel like there’s something missing.

More important than decluttering your home is prioritizing your life. What do you want to do with your time? What are you passionate about? What are the healthy habits you want to adopt? What habits do you want to lose?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself. We keep thinking that when we finish a certain task or buy a certain thing that we’ll finally be happy. That also includes thinking that when I have a decluttered house I’ll be happy.

The thing is that we do feel happy, but that feeling won’t last. We’ll always want to do more, to get to the next level, to conquer the next challenge. But we have to accept that happiness isn’t only about achieving goal after goal. We need to learn to appreciate the small things and to make choices that work for us.

I’m not a minimalist, I’m not an all-together person, far from it. But as long as you keep trying to grow and be a better, more present person, then I think you’ll be happy in your own personal way.

What kind of changes would you make to your life if you could? If nothing could stop you?

Stop saying you’ll do them someday and do them now.

Here’s a sketch.


The Sardine

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