Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter


So, let me start by confessing that I simply forgot that this blog even existed. What happened, you might ask. Life. Life happened.

When I started writing this blog, I had a boyfriend and was planning on moving with him to the UK and doing a teaching course (the equivalent of a master’s degree). But when summer came and I went to do my teaching job in the UK, everything changed.

To keep things short, I’ll tell you what happened in bullet points:

  • I broke up with my boyfriend (obviously),
  • I met someone else, but it was doomed from the start (for reasons I won’t get into here),
  • Moved back to Portugal,
  • Started my master’s (which is called the DELTA),
  • Tried to do too much at the same time and had a nervous breakdown,
  • Started going to therapy, got better,
  • Travelled around Europe in Easter and filled a sketchbook with drawings,
  • Went back to the UK for the summer job and imaginary relationship with other person exploded in my face,
  • Bought a flat,
  • Have been dealing with anxiety and loneliness and have been feeling more sure of myself and of what I want,
  • Drawing is still to a minimum, as it was put on hold when it came to areas of my life I was focusing on, trying to get back on track with it once again.

I think this pretty much sums it up.

I don’t actually have anything in particular in mind to write about today. I just got the email from WordPress warning me that I was going to pay for another year of services and remember that this blog existed. I kinda want to get back into it, but needed to get all the things that happened in between out of the way.

So I’ll finish by showing you the drawing that I never showed you, the one I made for my mother’s birthday (see previous post).

I hope you enjoy it, if you are reading this.


The Sardine.